Motivational Leaders

Success depends on leadership development, the right mentor, and a duplicatable system. To assure my success as well as the success of my organization I have solicited the advice and assistance of some of the best leaders in the home business industry. The ladies and gentleman on this page have all agreed to help me and my team in any way they can. I look up to these people as personal mentors and a primary reason why I have had the success I have achieved up to this point. As a part of my team you too will be able to tap into their knowledge and skills while learning how to create the success you desire.

Tom Chenault - Ambassador  Marketing Director; Million Dollar Earner

Tom Chenault is a passionate man. Whether he is on the air with his radio program Tom Chenault Show or on the phone encouraging a team member or spending time with his wonderful family, you can be sure he is doing it with all that he has. Tom has lived his entire life as if it were the gift he always wanted.

His life has been one big adventure. Tom has been a corporate airplane salesman, a stock broker, a public relations firm owner, a radio show host, and an ultra-successful network marketer. While Tom has made and lost a lot of money during his career(s), he has never lost his infectious sense of humor and his ability to rise to the top of his profession…and help others to do the same. If you asked him what gives him pride he will tell you; Outside his wonderful family, he is most proud of being sober for over twenty years. “How I survived being a drunk only God knows. Maybe he isn’t finished with me yet.” Indeed.

Tom is described by countless admirers as caring, compassionate and selfless. His drive, whether helping the homeless, or students from the local high school, or those that look to him for leadership in his networking marketing career is simply boundless. He might casually blame his abundance of energy on the nutritional supplements he takes 3-4 times each day, but those that know him best will tell you, it’s his passion to positively impact others lives that keeps him going.

While his life’s path has been unconventional at times he wouldn’t change one minute of it. The experiences have been incredible life lessons. And he is here to share with all of us what he has learned and gained from everything that has happened.

Dr. Corey Gold - Co-Founder ProJoba™ International

Dr. Gold holds a Bachelors degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. After practicing general dentistry for more than 10 years, Dr. Gold co-founded ProJoba™ International, now a major Youngevity brand. As President of ProJoba™, he became recognized for helping introduce flower pollen products to the general public. Dr. Gold is the President of Advanced Continuing Education Systems (ACES), an accredited continuing education provider for dental professionals and one of the first continuing education companies to offer accreditation in nutritional supplementation.

Dr. Gold is also a nationally recognized speaker and trainer in the entrepreneurial world of network marketing. He has a history of being a top level leader in several world-renowned network marketing companies and currently holds the highest international rank at the company that he works with.

Andre Vaughn Personal Development Coach

Andre Vaughn is a Personal Development Coach and a motivational speaker. He is a peek performer and a Network Marketing Guru.

A husband and a loving father of two beautiful twin girls, he is determined to empower others and to help them achieve their dreams and goals. His mission is to help you break through barriers and find a definite purpose in life. Over the years, Andre has earned millions of dollars in the Network marketing arena and is presently among the Top Income Earners at Youngevity.

He holds a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and a Master's Degree in Education. Before getting involved in network marketing, he taught second grade while running a very busy Real Estate Brokerage Firm.

But like many of us in today's society, he was over worked and under fulfilled. He had a burning desire to grow and help others but felt limited by the amounts of time and resources allotted by teaching and entrepreneurship. It became clear to Andre that the offerings of Corporate America and Civil Employment simply would not earn him the life and lifestyle that he dreamed for his family. He understood that the only path to an improved way of life was "the road less traveled".

He promptly made a decision to work hard and do what few people were willing to do. Andre's life is a true testament of what's possible when you set your mind to win. His attitude and energy is contagious and he continues to lift others by helping them to see the power they possess inside.

Andre took the position that if another man can do it, he could do it too. He believed that an opportunity for one confirmed opportunities for many. Andre strived to be and indeed became the BEST of the BEST!

He has motivated and helped thousands of people by using key strategies to help them reach their goals. He continues to build large organizations around the country and is dominating the network marketing arena. Andre is a world renowned speaker and is currently teaching his wealth building strategies all over the United States and abroad.

Scott Fardulis - Vice Chairman Marketing Director; Multi-Million Dollar earner and formulator of ASAP

Scott Fardulis is a 41 year old self-made multi-

millionaire, his focus is coaching people to get more time, more health and more wealth. 

Married to Juliette Fardulis, for more than 18 years, they have 3 beautiful and amazing children.Scott holds degrees in Business and Aviation and is CEO of the Institute of Ecolonomics and works with a charitable foundation offering rehabilitation for young girls kidnapped into Human Trafficking and sold into Sex Slavery. He is also the Co-Founder and formulator of As Slim As Possible, dedicated to permanent weight loss, and providing education for developing and maintaining healthy habit

Because of his business success, Scott is a highly sought after speaker on the adverse affects of obesity, and creating a healthy lifestyle. 

With 23 Years in the Network Marketing Industry as a successful distributor, coach and trainer, Scott says, "I believe network marketing is the BEST method for individuals of all backgrounds to achieve permanent financial freedom in America!"


Dale Johnson - Rest in Peace

Presidential Marketing Director; Million Dollar Earner

For over twenty years, Dale managed and or owned restaurants and night clubs. You see, he knew for years that business ownership is the way to get ahead financially. Unfortunately, when you own and or operate a restaurant, you're the one that opens, closes, busses tables, washes dishes, and even cooks food when one of your employees is sick or doesn't show up. He found that the more successful his business was, the busier he became and the less time freedom he had. Success is no fun when you don't have the time to spend the money you make or when you don't even have the time to spend with your friends or family.

With Dale working all hours of the day and night, and Terri managing a local nursing home, network marketing came into our lives. In less than two years, they RETIRED from their previous careers, completely replacing the income they were generating. The industry brought them more than financial gain, however. The people they meet, the bonds and friendships they build will last forever. Just over seven years ago, a long time friend, mentor, and partner, William Andreoli, came to Dale with an idea. The idea was take the best of the best of all of their mutual experiences, throw out the gotchas, the corporate agendas and to create the GREATEST Company their industry has ever seen. In July of 2003, their company was born and Terri and Dale joined the organization that would carry them where ever their dreams would show the way.

Looking back, the last seven years have flown by. Today, their lives are forever different. Their Dream Home, new cars every year; their decision making process is now based upon where they want to go, who they want to see, and what they want to do, not what they can afford to do, or what will fit on the credit card. Terri even jokes about Island $HOPPING, not just Island hopping! What a difference a $ makes!

Dale Johnson has attained the rank of Presidential Marketing Director and earned over a million dollars with FDI-Youngevity by being patient with his business, but not patient with himself. Focus on and belief in FDI-Youngevity's plan, coupled with never say die persistence has been the key to his success. It will work for you too. Most people give up on themselves in this business right before they see success. Don't make that mistake. Be here this time next year, and the year after that. He's reaching his goals and creating new ones. You can too.