A big part of the journey to take my business to the next level is to continue my Network Marketing Education. On this page I have listed many of the resources I have used along that journey.

Be sure to check out these books on Amazon. I especially recomend Eric Worre's book. I have also downloaded all of "Big Al's" books to my Kindle. Don't have Kindle? Be sure to download the FREE Kindle reader for your PC on Amazon, for the Android via Google Play or Apple device through the iStore


Lead Generation and Tracking Tools

GrowthPro's Sizzle Tools give you everything you need to get 15 to 20 hot prospects every week, plus the tools and training to recruit them!
Using their proprietary Sizzle Line® voicemail greetings, lead capture sites, step-by-step advertising methods, personalized websites and more, building your business has never been easier!


"Gets You More Signups, Distributors and Leaders In Your Downline - FAST!"


Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals 2.0:

Full Digital Delivery – In this powerful program, Todd teaches you EXACTLY how to recruit UP the socioeconomic chain by specifically targeting and prospecting individuals who already have the skills necessary to succeed in network marketing. If you ever wondered whether there was a “better way” to recruit, this is IT!

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How To Win In The Game Of Prospecting:

Prospecting, hands down, is the #1 skill set you need to develop as a network marketer who’s serious about creating success.

In this course you’re going to discover secrets about prospecting most network marketers will never know.

And quite frankly, they’re worth their weight in gold.
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